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When She was Six!

She locked shut the bathroom door   behind her, turned the tap on, so hersobbing wouldn't be heard from outside. "Sshh... It's okay".

She bit hard into her palm to lessen the pain.

"You're a little princess".

Tears rolling down her pink cheeks. She was sitting on thebathroom floor now. Her clothes half wet from the tap water.

"Don't tell anyone".

Someone was banging on the door now. BANG BANG

She could hear her mother outside. She sounded angry.

"I'll kill your mother if you told anyone." BANGBANG

What was happening? Her clothes were all dirty maybe that'swhy her mother was mad.


She tried washing off the stains with the cold water butcouldn't.

"Be a good girl, come to your uncle"

The stains were on her skin now.


 She was scrubbing andnow scratching her skin to get those stains off.

The door flung open! It was him! It was HIM! He was standingright there in the doorway. Smiling..

"Come here, my princess ", he said, in his usualtone.

She screamed but the voice was stuck in her throat. Thestains had covered her whole body now. She tried to scream, again and again,but something unseen had covered her mouth. He stepped forward and she woke up,panting, face covered in sweat or tears, you couldn't tell.

The same dream had been haunting her for 30 years now, everysingle night, since she was 6. She was used to waking up every night but shehadn't gotten used to the fear - the pain - oh the pain! And the helplessness!

She sighed and turned over to her daughter sleeping besideher. Her eyes filled with tears. She kissed her daughter's forehead. "I'llnot let anyone near you my love", she started chanting under her breathalmost like a prayer, "I'll never leave you alone", "I willalways protect you", "I'll always believe what you say", "Iwon't let you have nightmares"... and she kept going on saying things shemourned someone had told her when she was 6.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Pay Some Heed Please

It is a common saying that man and woman are the two wheelsof the vehicle that runs in a society. Have you ever experienced a journey witha flat Tyre? You may be enjoying a smooth drive when suddenly a “GHOSTLY THING”comes and makes your Tyre flat what would be your reaction? I think you wouldburst with anger and anxiety. Am I right? By that moment. You would be able tofeel the real importance of the Tyre that has gone “Flat”

My Sole reason behind all this fabricated questioning is tomake you realize that in our society, we too have a problem like this. Ourbiased attitude towards the real color of our Society i.e. none other thanwoman, is rooting up again at the same pace as it was 1500 years ago (i.e. atthe time of Pre Prophet hood).

Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal had very aptly said some 150 yearsback “WAJOOD-E-ZAN SE HAI TASVEER-E-KAYNAAT MEIN RANG…..” (It’s all about thepresence of women that has enriched our world with flavors). But to our immensehelplessness, this “tyre” (as I have already said) has gone flat, rather it ismade flat! The most agonizing issue is that women are treated with prejudice.Physical abuse, mental abuse, financial pressure etc. seem to overpass theirlives and have made their lives miserable. Day by day these miseries are takinga rise on graph-paper.

Islam has taught us the rights ofwomen. They are (for the first time) given shares in property apart fromphysical torture, mental torture has also been condemned badly. They should betreated with justice but what’s our behavior??? I am not jotting down all thisbecause I am a girl. Being a member of this cruel society, it is myresponsibility to pen down (at least) the matter that is burning me nerves.

MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SISTER, andWIFE  these four relationships come underthe umbrella of HOLLY-RELATIONSHIPS to a man but that doesn’t mean that apartfrom these, you start making down the others and give derogatory commentsbecause…??? Have you ever pondered that your PAKEEZA RISHTAY may not be “PAK”for others and vice versa! They surely can be a source of “amusement” forothers as you…? Then why not respect each and every female member of thesociety?

The need of the hour is to gravedown the problem at grass-root level. On ground reality, if every individualsets his mind as per the requirement if the situation at hand, our society mayget rid of this menace, this curse. But WHO can make them realize? Understand?I think I have done my part and now it’s your turn? Will you join hands with mein order to make our DRIVE smooth? To save our TYRE in going flat…? That ballis in your court now….!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


They say this world is a constant and ground reality thesignificance of which cannot be denied at any cost. When we brood over miseriesand hardships an honest man has to face while begging at war against dishonestyand untruth, he seems to us like an isolated traveler heading towards someunknown direction. We have seen beggars and paupers turning in to millionairesbut we have rarely seen all this in case of an honest man. Someone has rightlysaid that the worst of servitude is the intellectual one. All theintellectuals, poets and philosophers have neither been doomed to a sorry deathnor relegated to some dark and blind alleys where they have been leadingoppressed and miserable lives.
What was the end of BHADUR SHAH ZAFAR, MANSUR HILAJ and many others whoremained true to themselves?

This world is like a tempestuous ocean here rules thefittest one and he must be powerful enough to face this arid world. Thus weakand honest are always left helpless on the dreamland of their honesty wherethey can do nothing but cry in the wilderness and rest is the ruthless silenceof the spectators .Here is the end of one view.

Let me first unfold the philosophy of success and lifeitself. It is a word in its essence stands for the consolation of heart andsoul. It means the quest of spirit. Success in the long run, is the conquest ofthe happiness of the world hereafter. The real reward is not the one which weare not even sure of winning. It is the reward that we call as eternal orpromised reward. This is what we call eternity that can be attained only whenthe soul gets rid of its physical prison.

Undoubtedly life seems to be a paradise for a dishonest manbut only at the cost of losing his peace of mind. On the other hand an honestman is like a thing of beauty. Legends are alive even today, just because oftheir righteousness and honesty to their sphere of work.

With each passing day, we are moving towards our finaldestination and this mortal world declares us to be successful or not after ourultimate end. Success conquests the SOUL, implying its moral victory. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Sects of Mind

The visualization of an idea is less importantthan to conceive it. How a person thinks is an important query. The ability tothink and react has raised us to the “Ashraf-ul-Makhluqaat” level. But tooverreact can drop us to the level of animals. The Distinction between Humansand Animals is the power to think. Once we fail to think properly, we no longerremain within the boundary of Humanity.

It’s sometimes thought that the way one thinksis inherent but the reality is totally opposite. How a person thinks dependsupon the mentality of that person. The environment one possesses plays asignificant role in making the mind-set. The grooming of child is responsiblein making the mentality. The angle of mentality becomes fixed with time. TheScenario can’t be changed as long as the person is found rigid, but if theperson is left with flexibility, his ideas can be changed.

This alteration, reformation and redemption ofideology merely depend upon the mentality, either positive or negative. Toinduce something in someone’s mind is a difficult yet possible task. But toomit that from one’s mind is impossible somehow. It’s the matter of humannature that he gets in, to what, seems him so. Every feeling, emotion lies inthe eyes of beholder. Man just interpret it by his mind. Whatever seems good,he ranked that positive, whatever amuses him he takes it to the positivecircle. Evil-good, love-hatred; every single emotion is the slave of thinking,mentality.

Societal norms are also the result ofancestral mentality. The way those people live, is prevailing even today intheir offspring. They can’t deviate from it, just because they think thedeviation being a disloyalty to their forefathers this is the sole fault ofrigidity of mentality.

But to the modern people who use to live inpresent rather than past, this perception will fail because of the flexibilityin their minds They have the ability to distinguish between bright and dull,modern and classic and above all right and wrong, they have sharp senses tosmell the budding evil and eject that out with their minds.

In a nut-shell, mind-set and mentality bothplay a pivotal role in shaping our lives in either way. What seems wrong to oneperson may be good for the other and vice versa, so the grooming and shaping ofmind be in such a way that negativities be set aside and give pave to all thepositivities.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Love is the Essence of Life

It would beno exaggeration to say that love is the very essence of life. Pure love isinnocent, revenge-free and compassionate. The essence of love means to create atrust-affection bond with one another, without love, there would be no life.

 Even we live in the world which came intoexistence as the result of “God-love”. The beautiful childish yet meaningfulrhyme that we used to sing in chorus “Jis ne Zameen  pe Piyar Utara , wo Khud ho ga kitnapiyara”……! (How beautiful would be the creator Himself who blessed the worldwith love) it’s all about love………. It’s all about the purity and piety……!

Positivitycan be regarded as an offspring of love. Where love exists, there would hardlyexist any negativity Love is free from the clutches of racial discrimination,pro-war Ideas and vengeful, thoughts, love is surrounded by care, optimism,hope, trust and open heartedness, love lead to real happiness. Love is life.

Love can beof different types sometimes, fondness to something is also regarded as love.Love of God is above all. God is “Creator” and “Lentil”. He loves hisCreations. He loves his creatures more than 70 times a mother does. Howbeautifully Allah defined his love to mankind by comparing it with the love ofmother because a mother love can never be cryptic, It’s open and to all.

It is lovewhich is creating beautiful bonds of friendship and trust. Our religion laysemphasis on love. Islamis gifted to Prophet (PBUH) because of love and Prophet (PBUH)Spread its light just because of his love towards his Ummah. Love can never beoverlooked.

Love is verypromising. Love awards one’s life with beautification. Love negates hatred,envious thoughts and put them to mud forever. Love is very authoritative andbossy. Once you fall in the sphere of love you, your self will kick off all thenegativities, this appointments and evil mindedness. Love is just parallel tohope…… love heals a broken heart, hope heals a broken soul.

To extractthe true meaning of this article let’s have a glance on Hazarat Anayat Khan’swords

“Love is theessence of all religious, mysticism and philosophy and for the one who haslearned this, love fulfills the purpose of religion, ethics & philosophyand the lover is raised above diversities of faith and beliefs.”

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Unwritten Letter

'Do you remember me? The way your belly swelled with my soulforming. Did you sing to me? Did you ever touch your belly?'
Of course you do, it was the most beautiful part of your life. But,
'Were you forced? Did you pray for a boy?
Did you pray at all?
Who did you pray to?
Forcing my way out of your vagina, covered in the reminiscence of the bond weshared for only 9 months?
Did you hold me in your arms? Just once?
Or did you know that my umbilical cord was never meant for you?
Did you cry? Did you scream? Were you alone? Was he there?
When they told you I was a girl, did you cry? Knowing my feet would take meaway from you.
Or did coldness sweep through your soul, this feeling of the burden I wouldbring onto you weighing your heart down?
Did you wish I was a boy?
Did you make a sound when you saw me in there arms my little self growingfurther and further away from you?
Or had you made peace with that I was nothing but something you had to let gooff? Wanted to let go off?
Do you remember my cries, my screams?
Does it echo in your ears?
Do you remember?
The day you gave birth to me. You were told and you knew there are modulesspecifically designed. Lessons, aesthetically crafted. The ones you need toteach me, the one's I have to learn myself.
"Cross your legs when you're sitting in a bus/train or otherwise, you'llattract glances which will strip you down."
"Learn the difference between a bad touch and a good touch before you'remolested."
"Have numbers of men that you trust on speed-dial when you're at a shadyplace."
"Your wardrobe is not just a collection of dresses and clothing items, butinvitation cards, which men are waiting for.
"You're not allowed to speak of the assault that happened. If you do, it'dbring disrespect to the family. You'll be accused of asking for it."
"You asking for equal human rights as men makes you an extreme feministwho wants to wipe out men from the face of earth and create a women dominatingsociety."
"You're not a companion but rather a slave to your husband, his wants mustbe your priority. Yours do not matter."
Learning all this, I started to believe that I was nothing but the dust lyingat the bottom of the ocean unnecessary, unimportant. But there's lies a voiceinside me, a whisper longing to be heard. All you need to do is leans an ear tomy heart and you could hear it roaring the secrets of the ocean.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dark Side of the Bright Picture

Life isnot fair & it’s good for most of us that it’s not but to make it overadvantageous   the darkness of oursociety makes way to this unjust & unfair treatment against the importantpillar of life i.e. none other than woman. The practice of biased attitudetowards weaker sex is in air woman is maltreated even today, though being themodern era of its kind. Loud voice arguments are raised but those too arelimited to the world of dais and stage. Nobody dare to take steps in to spirit.

The startof my article may seem irrelevant for some, but I hereby clarify that itssomehow fair to do prejudice against women but going too far is this practice,will be absolutely unfair/ Women is subjected to every type of violence,depends upon the hand over her. God Fashioned her life according to all rulesof tenderness and weakness but this weakness is just limited to physicalsphere. At heart, she is stronger than man she can tolerate everything, everywrongdoing with ease. But to vocalize her problem, she may face hurdles. Mancan never has heart to face the slap on his barbaric cheeks, he take barbarismand bullying his due right. It takes just a minute to nullify all the effortsand sacrifices made by the most sacrificial figure of the society. Man neverfails to hurt women. Woman actually is love, from head to toe. Woman is allabout love, sympathy, sacrifice and compromises. She always let her ego go andprefers cares for his wishes and emotions Woman embraces love as if seaembraces rain water, love circulates in her veins with blood and raise hercharacter to sublimity when combine with loyalty. God created her from man’srib, neither from his head (to wear her like a crown) nor from his toe (To btrampled). Her origin is closed to heart. So fact is justified that she islove.

You maybe thinking that I am going too biased is raising my arguments is favor ofwoman or just flattering my gender, but let me clear one thing that I am neitherbiased nor drawing conclusion for nothing, I want to pen down the real imagerywhich is made to be hidden from society undoubtedly woman is weak creature butit doesn’t mean that she showed be treated badly. Man for centuries overpowered her like a tycoon. Both are equal in all respect. I don’t want to raisemy voice but the quality of my arguments. I being an independent girl, has theright to defend my race. It’s difficult to stop my pen. It’s such a hearttouching issue, heart breaking at the same time. Woman moulds man, grooms him,composes him but in return takes his kicks and fits for nothing, for just beinga woman, man forgets that the house he live lives in, is a home because of her.Man forgets that behind her success. There lie endless compromises of his wifeman laughs at the love of woman………..
How can he make fun of the feeling which actually passes over his mind? Soundironic. It’s the woman who teaches man how to love, how to live.

Thereexists a darker side of this picture as well. But it can be made bright too, ifand only if man starts to treat woman the way she deserves, she let her to livethe way she has right to. I assure you that if you stop maltreating her. Youwould for sure fail to Sort any incident of woman disloyalty. Disgrace or otherrelated evils. Just try it to believe it and live life to its fullest.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018