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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

They say this world is a constant and ground reality thesignificance of which cannot be denied at any cost. When we brood over miseriesand hardships an honest man has to face while begging at war against dishonestyand untruth, he seems to us like an isolated traveler heading towards someunknown direction. We have seen beggars and paupers turning in to millionairesbut we have rarely seen all this in case of an honest man. Someone has rightlysaid that the worst of servitude is the intellectual one. All theintellectuals, poets and philosophers have neither been doomed to a sorry deathnor relegated to some dark and blind alleys where they have been leadingoppressed and miserable lives.
What was the end of BHADUR SHAH ZAFAR, MANSUR HILAJ and many others whoremained true to themselves?

This world is like a tempestuous ocean here rules thefittest one and he must be powerful enough to face this arid world. Thus weakand honest are always left helpless on the dreamland of their honesty wherethey can do nothing but cry in the wilderness and rest is the ruthless silenceof the spectators .Here is the end of one view.

Let me first unfold the philosophy of success and lifeitself. It is a word in its essence stands for the consolation of heart andsoul. It means the quest of spirit. Success in the long run, is the conquest ofthe happiness of the world hereafter. The real reward is not the one which weare not even sure of winning. It is the reward that we call as eternal orpromised reward. This is what we call eternity that can be attained only whenthe soul gets rid of its physical prison.

Undoubtedly life seems to be a paradise for a dishonest manbut only at the cost of losing his peace of mind. On the other hand an honestman is like a thing of beauty. Legends are alive even today, just because oftheir righteousness and honesty to their sphere of work.

With each passing day, we are moving towards our finaldestination and this mortal world declares us to be successful or not after ourultimate end. Success conquests the SOUL, implying its moral victory.