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Sects of Mind

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The visualization of an idea is less importantthan to conceive it. How a person thinks is an important query. The ability tothink and react has raised us to the “Ashraf-ul-Makhluqaat” level. But tooverreact can drop us to the level of animals. The Distinction between Humansand Animals is the power to think. Once we fail to think properly, we no longerremain within the boundary of Humanity.

It’s sometimes thought that the way one thinksis inherent but the reality is totally opposite. How a person thinks dependsupon the mentality of that person. The environment one possesses plays asignificant role in making the mind-set. The grooming of child is responsiblein making the mentality. The angle of mentality becomes fixed with time. TheScenario can’t be changed as long as the person is found rigid, but if theperson is left with flexibility, his ideas can be changed.

This alteration, reformation and redemption ofideology merely depend upon the mentality, either positive or negative. Toinduce something in someone’s mind is a difficult yet possible task. But toomit that from one’s mind is impossible somehow. It’s the matter of humannature that he gets in, to what, seems him so. Every feeling, emotion lies inthe eyes of beholder. Man just interpret it by his mind. Whatever seems good,he ranked that positive, whatever amuses him he takes it to the positivecircle. Evil-good, love-hatred; every single emotion is the slave of thinking,mentality.

Societal norms are also the result ofancestral mentality. The way those people live, is prevailing even today intheir offspring. They can’t deviate from it, just because they think thedeviation being a disloyalty to their forefathers this is the sole fault ofrigidity of mentality.

But to the modern people who use to live inpresent rather than past, this perception will fail because of the flexibilityin their minds They have the ability to distinguish between bright and dull,modern and classic and above all right and wrong, they have sharp senses tosmell the budding evil and eject that out with their minds.

In a nut-shell, mind-set and mentality bothplay a pivotal role in shaping our lives in either way. What seems wrong to oneperson may be good for the other and vice versa, so the grooming and shaping ofmind be in such a way that negativities be set aside and give pave to all thepositivities.