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Love is the Essence of Life

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It would beno exaggeration to say that love is the very essence of life. Pure love isinnocent, revenge-free and compassionate. The essence of love means to create atrust-affection bond with one another, without love, there would be no life.

 Even we live in the world which came intoexistence as the result of “God-love”. The beautiful childish yet meaningfulrhyme that we used to sing in chorus “Jis ne Zameen  pe Piyar Utara , wo Khud ho ga kitnapiyara”……! (How beautiful would be the creator Himself who blessed the worldwith love) it’s all about love………. It’s all about the purity and piety……!

Positivitycan be regarded as an offspring of love. Where love exists, there would hardlyexist any negativity Love is free from the clutches of racial discrimination,pro-war Ideas and vengeful, thoughts, love is surrounded by care, optimism,hope, trust and open heartedness, love lead to real happiness. Love is life.

Love can beof different types sometimes, fondness to something is also regarded as love.Love of God is above all. God is “Creator” and “Lentil”. He loves hisCreations. He loves his creatures more than 70 times a mother does. Howbeautifully Allah defined his love to mankind by comparing it with the love ofmother because a mother love can never be cryptic, It’s open and to all.

It is lovewhich is creating beautiful bonds of friendship and trust. Our religion laysemphasis on love. Islamis gifted to Prophet (PBUH) because of love and Prophet (PBUH)Spread its light just because of his love towards his Ummah. Love can never beoverlooked.

Love is verypromising. Love awards one’s life with beautification. Love negates hatred,envious thoughts and put them to mud forever. Love is very authoritative andbossy. Once you fall in the sphere of love you, your self will kick off all thenegativities, this appointments and evil mindedness. Love is just parallel tohope…… love heals a broken heart, hope heals a broken soul.

To extractthe true meaning of this article let’s have a glance on Hazarat Anayat Khan’swords

“Love is theessence of all religious, mysticism and philosophy and for the one who haslearned this, love fulfills the purpose of religion, ethics & philosophyand the lover is raised above diversities of faith and beliefs.”