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The Unwritten Letter

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

'Do you remember me? The way your belly swelled with my soulforming. Did you sing to me? Did you ever touch your belly?'
Of course you do, it was the most beautiful part of your life. But,
'Were you forced? Did you pray for a boy?
Did you pray at all?
Who did you pray to?
Forcing my way out of your vagina, covered in the reminiscence of the bond weshared for only 9 months?
Did you hold me in your arms? Just once?
Or did you know that my umbilical cord was never meant for you?
Did you cry? Did you scream? Were you alone? Was he there?
When they told you I was a girl, did you cry? Knowing my feet would take meaway from you.
Or did coldness sweep through your soul, this feeling of the burden I wouldbring onto you weighing your heart down?
Did you wish I was a boy?
Did you make a sound when you saw me in there arms my little self growingfurther and further away from you?
Or had you made peace with that I was nothing but something you had to let gooff? Wanted to let go off?
Do you remember my cries, my screams?
Does it echo in your ears?
Do you remember?
The day you gave birth to me. You were told and you knew there are modulesspecifically designed. Lessons, aesthetically crafted. The ones you need toteach me, the one's I have to learn myself.
"Cross your legs when you're sitting in a bus/train or otherwise, you'llattract glances which will strip you down."
"Learn the difference between a bad touch and a good touch before you'remolested."
"Have numbers of men that you trust on speed-dial when you're at a shadyplace."
"Your wardrobe is not just a collection of dresses and clothing items, butinvitation cards, which men are waiting for.
"You're not allowed to speak of the assault that happened. If you do, it'dbring disrespect to the family. You'll be accused of asking for it."
"You asking for equal human rights as men makes you an extreme feministwho wants to wipe out men from the face of earth and create a women dominatingsociety."
"You're not a companion but rather a slave to your husband, his wants mustbe your priority. Yours do not matter."
Learning all this, I started to believe that I was nothing but the dust lyingat the bottom of the ocean unnecessary, unimportant. But there's lies a voiceinside me, a whisper longing to be heard. All you need to do is leans an ear tomy heart and you could hear it roaring the secrets of the ocean.