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Dark Side of the Bright Picture

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Life isnot fair & it’s good for most of us that it’s not but to make it overadvantageous   the darkness of oursociety makes way to this unjust & unfair treatment against the importantpillar of life i.e. none other than woman. The practice of biased attitudetowards weaker sex is in air woman is maltreated even today, though being themodern era of its kind. Loud voice arguments are raised but those too arelimited to the world of dais and stage. Nobody dare to take steps in to spirit.

The startof my article may seem irrelevant for some, but I hereby clarify that itssomehow fair to do prejudice against women but going too far is this practice,will be absolutely unfair/ Women is subjected to every type of violence,depends upon the hand over her. God Fashioned her life according to all rulesof tenderness and weakness but this weakness is just limited to physicalsphere. At heart, she is stronger than man she can tolerate everything, everywrongdoing with ease. But to vocalize her problem, she may face hurdles. Mancan never has heart to face the slap on his barbaric cheeks, he take barbarismand bullying his due right. It takes just a minute to nullify all the effortsand sacrifices made by the most sacrificial figure of the society. Man neverfails to hurt women. Woman actually is love, from head to toe. Woman is allabout love, sympathy, sacrifice and compromises. She always let her ego go andprefers cares for his wishes and emotions Woman embraces love as if seaembraces rain water, love circulates in her veins with blood and raise hercharacter to sublimity when combine with loyalty. God created her from man’srib, neither from his head (to wear her like a crown) nor from his toe (To btrampled). Her origin is closed to heart. So fact is justified that she islove.

You maybe thinking that I am going too biased is raising my arguments is favor ofwoman or just flattering my gender, but let me clear one thing that I am neitherbiased nor drawing conclusion for nothing, I want to pen down the real imagerywhich is made to be hidden from society undoubtedly woman is weak creature butit doesn’t mean that she showed be treated badly. Man for centuries overpowered her like a tycoon. Both are equal in all respect. I don’t want to raisemy voice but the quality of my arguments. I being an independent girl, has theright to defend my race. It’s difficult to stop my pen. It’s such a hearttouching issue, heart breaking at the same time. Woman moulds man, grooms him,composes him but in return takes his kicks and fits for nothing, for just beinga woman, man forgets that the house he live lives in, is a home because of her.Man forgets that behind her success. There lie endless compromises of his wifeman laughs at the love of woman………..
How can he make fun of the feeling which actually passes over his mind? Soundironic. It’s the woman who teaches man how to love, how to live.

Thereexists a darker side of this picture as well. But it can be made bright too, ifand only if man starts to treat woman the way she deserves, she let her to livethe way she has right to. I assure you that if you stop maltreating her. Youwould for sure fail to Sort any incident of woman disloyalty. Disgrace or otherrelated evils. Just try it to believe it and live life to its fullest.