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When She was Six!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

She locked shut the bathroom door   behind her, turned the tap on, so hersobbing wouldn't be heard from outside. "Sshh... It's okay".

She bit hard into her palm to lessen the pain.

"You're a little princess".

Tears rolling down her pink cheeks. She was sitting on thebathroom floor now. Her clothes half wet from the tap water.

"Don't tell anyone".

Someone was banging on the door now. BANG BANG

She could hear her mother outside. She sounded angry.

"I'll kill your mother if you told anyone." BANGBANG

What was happening? Her clothes were all dirty maybe that'swhy her mother was mad.


She tried washing off the stains with the cold water butcouldn't.

"Be a good girl, come to your uncle"

The stains were on her skin now.


 She was scrubbing andnow scratching her skin to get those stains off.

The door flung open! It was him! It was HIM! He was standingright there in the doorway. Smiling..

"Come here, my princess ", he said, in his usualtone.

She screamed but the voice was stuck in her throat. Thestains had covered her whole body now. She tried to scream, again and again,but something unseen had covered her mouth. He stepped forward and she woke up,panting, face covered in sweat or tears, you couldn't tell.

The same dream had been haunting her for 30 years now, everysingle night, since she was 6. She was used to waking up every night but shehadn't gotten used to the fear - the pain - oh the pain! And the helplessness!

She sighed and turned over to her daughter sleeping besideher. Her eyes filled with tears. She kissed her daughter's forehead. "I'llnot let anyone near you my love", she started chanting under her breathalmost like a prayer, "I'll never leave you alone", "I willalways protect you", "I'll always believe what you say", "Iwon't let you have nightmares"... and she kept going on saying things shemourned someone had told her when she was 6.