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Lose Belly Fat with home remedies

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Diet is avery important factor to lose fat from abdominal muscles or belly. Doingexercise will not give you desired results unless you maintain your diet. Thereare some eating routines or food available that can be useful to lose fat fromyour belly.


 I am providing you a list of foods that can behelpful to lose belly fat at home.


1. Lemon water

Drink lemonwater as much as possible because it is good for losing fat. Lemon water is anatural drink that remove toxin from your liver and entire body.

Liver sometime cannot perform effectively because of toxins in it which put stress onyour liver and in the end fat gets stored around your belly.

Lemon waterhas no side effect and provides with great no of enzymes that get your livertoxin free and in the end your body can do basic functions.

Take a lemonand a warm glass of water. When you get up early in the morning mix it and takeit empty stomach without eating anything else for a while make this yourroutine and do it every day.

2.  Eat fish with its oil

As we knowthat fish contain fatty acid omega-3.

Eating fishcan be useful to reduce fat on your belly. Daily take 5gram of fish oil. If notthen eat fish which is rich in omega-3 three times in a week.

 Prime examples are tuna and halibut.




3. Eat chia seeds

 A great source of energy produces more energyin your body. Eat chia seeds to lose fat because it contains omega-3 fattyacid. But if you have problem with eating fish you can also take chia seeds asa replacement to fish.

 But your body will have to spend extra energyon chia seeds to produce these acids.

4. Ginger Tea

Ginger teahas properties that can be useful to lose fat.

 Drink ginger tea and lose your belly fateffectively.

 It contains thermogenic properties whichincrease your body fat thus faster you’re breaking down of fat.

5. Use Garlic

Garlic can beused to reduce belly fat and it is good for the cardiovascular system andincrease good cholesterol. Garlic is a natural source of acids that reduces fatfast.   Garlic is a great source that breaks down fatdeposited easily.

Get garliccloves, lemon and water. Squeeze lemon juice in water. Chew three garlic glovesand drink it. If you do it regularly every morning then there is a possibilitythat you will lose belly fat in two weeks.

6. Dandelion tea

This tea has some weight losing properties which can be helpful to losebelly fat.

Ø  Dandelion herbcan help in reducing your belly fat.

Ø  Dandelion roots arefirst taken.

Ø  Take some freshginger.

Ø   Cardamom seeds.

Ø   Mint leaves.

Ø  Water.

Ø  Honey.

Ø   Leave water and honey and add all remainingingredients.

Ø  Boil water makessome tea out of it and drinks 2 cups each day.

7. Have Cinnamon

Generalperception is that because Cinnamon has a sweet taste it cannot provide anyhelp to reduce fat.

Cinnamon isthermogenic and produces heat to stimulate your metabolism which results inlosing fat.

8. Take green tea

Green tea isa scientifically proven drink to lose fat.

Do not waste time and start drinking green tea.

9. Lean meat burns fat

Protein ishighly thermogenic and helps you burn fat. Study shows that eating lean meatcan burn fat by producing heat.

Try to eatlean meat 3 days week to lose fat.

10. Hot pepper

It has capsaicinwhich has a thermogenic compound.  Moreheat help your body digest fast.

 Provide your body with heat and fasten themetabolism which results in burning more calories.