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7 Ways to Remove Earwax Buildup

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

If you are having problems with your earwax and want toremove it safely? No worries, I have new neat, little tricks that I always turnto whenever there is earwax buildup. It’s Safe and easy to do in few steps.

Treatment by Baking soda:

Take ¼ tsp. of baking soda. Also take 2 tsp. of water anda dropper. Mix the baking soda properly in the water and then put few drops into your affected ear. Next you should keep you affected ear upwards so that itcan work on your affected ear. Stay in to that position for 5-10 minutes, andthen use your dropper to clean your ear.

Treatment by salt water:

Take one tea spoon of salt water ¼ cup of warm water putsalt water in warm water and mix it until it’s fully dissolved. Take yourdropper and put drops into your affected ear. Stay down and keep your affectedear upwards.

Treatment by Olive oil:

Take ½ tsp. of olive oil put that oil using a dropperinto your ear. Lay down for at least 10 minutes with you ear facing upward.

 Treatment by Hydrogen Peroxide:

Take 1 tsp. of Hydrogen Peroxide; also take some waterand a dropper/Syringe. Do the same as it is mentioned in salt water treatment,but in this treatment for hydrogen peroxide I recommend that you should letmixture set in your ear for at least 8-10 minutes.

 Treatment byVinegar and Rubbing Alcohol:

What you need:
Take some vinegar about 1 tsp. Also take ½ tsp. of rubbing alcohol, and asyringe as well.


Now take vinegar and alcohol in such manner that it getsmix easily, next take the syringe and put drops of that mixture in your ear andkeep it for about 4-6 minutes, now clean up your ear by flushing it out withwarm water. Keeps your affected ear for some time facing downwards


Treatment by Glycerin:

Take few drops of glycerin using a dropper, sit for about3 minutes and then do your working for an hour after that clean up your ear.

Treatment by warm water:

If you are uncomfortable using above mentioned treatmentsthen its ok you can remove earwax simply by using warm water. Take some warmand put it into your ear for some time and then clean your ear by some cotton.