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Body fuel Amino Blast

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Amino acidis a block of protein. Your all body functions are utilized by cells when thereis a required portion of it.


  • ·        Improve body muscle andperformance.
  • ·        Without any side effect.
  • ·        It’s natural.


Amino acid isa supplement which has rich amount of amino acids in it.it is made from up to18 different nutrients that offer many benefits. These benefits include repairof your muscle and rate of growth increase. It raise the level of energy inyour body allowing you to move to next level of fitness.


Amino acidsare small molecules which provides protein, maintain your muscle maintenancetissue repair, immunity controls all your body parts and gives energy. You losefat fast when use this product and speed up metabolism and mobilize your body.Replenish your body energy levels turns it in glucose in the liver.


  • ·        Whey protein concentrate
  • ·        Gelatin shell
  • ·        Alanine
  • ·        Arginine
  • ·        Aspartic acid
  • ·        Cysteine
  • ·        Glutamic acid
  • ·        Glycine
  • ·        Histamine
  • ·        Isoleucine
  • ·        Lucien
  • ·        Lysine
  • ·        Methionine
  • ·        Phenylalanine
  • ·        Praline
  • ·        Serine
  • ·        Theorize
  • ·        Tryptophan
  • ·        Tyrosine
  • ·        Valise


Take 3-6capsules at least 30 minutes before workout, after training and before you musttake a nap. Do not exceed more than 10 capsules drink plenty of water whiletaking capsules.