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Pay Some Heed Please

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It is a common saying that man and woman are the two wheelsof the vehicle that runs in a society. Have you ever experienced a journey witha flat Tyre? You may be enjoying a smooth drive when suddenly a “GHOSTLY THING”comes and makes your Tyre flat what would be your reaction? I think you wouldburst with anger and anxiety. Am I right? By that moment. You would be able tofeel the real importance of the Tyre that has gone “Flat”

My Sole reason behind all this fabricated questioning is tomake you realize that in our society, we too have a problem like this. Ourbiased attitude towards the real color of our Society i.e. none other thanwoman, is rooting up again at the same pace as it was 1500 years ago (i.e. atthe time of Pre Prophet hood).

Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal had very aptly said some 150 yearsback “WAJOOD-E-ZAN SE HAI TASVEER-E-KAYNAAT MEIN RANG…..” (It’s all about thepresence of women that has enriched our world with flavors). But to our immensehelplessness, this “tyre” (as I have already said) has gone flat, rather it ismade flat! The most agonizing issue is that women are treated with prejudice.Physical abuse, mental abuse, financial pressure etc. seem to overpass theirlives and have made their lives miserable. Day by day these miseries are takinga rise on graph-paper.

Islam has taught us the rights ofwomen. They are (for the first time) given shares in property apart fromphysical torture, mental torture has also been condemned badly. They should betreated with justice but what’s our behavior??? I am not jotting down all thisbecause I am a girl. Being a member of this cruel society, it is myresponsibility to pen down (at least) the matter that is burning me nerves.

MOTHER, DAUGHTER, SISTER, andWIFE  these four relationships come underthe umbrella of HOLLY-RELATIONSHIPS to a man but that doesn’t mean that apartfrom these, you start making down the others and give derogatory commentsbecause…??? Have you ever pondered that your PAKEEZA RISHTAY may not be “PAK”for others and vice versa! They surely can be a source of “amusement” forothers as you…? Then why not respect each and every female member of thesociety?

The need of the hour is to gravedown the problem at grass-root level. On ground reality, if every individualsets his mind as per the requirement if the situation at hand, our society mayget rid of this menace, this curse. But WHO can make them realize? Understand?I think I have done my part and now it’s your turn? Will you join hands with mein order to make our DRIVE smooth? To save our TYRE in going flat…? That ballis in your court now….!